1. We believe art can enable some of the most oppressed to be the most magnificent leaders and change makers. That’s why we hope you’ll join us in supporting Brittanie Richardson’s kickstarter campaign to develop an arts camp for young survivors of sex slavery in Nairobi. Special thank you to Brittanie for providing an opportunity, on the heels of so many thoughts and prayers for young women in Nigeria, for us all to do more than watch and wait … but to put our money where our mouths are, and try not to leave any girls behind. » https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/898632450/art-and-abolition-summer-arts-camp

  2. We Are The Youth is now available for pre-order. Secure your limited edition copy now! 

    What readers are saying —

    "This book is magnificent: hard to read at times because of the pain so honestly shared, and completely uplifting when you realize the strength and beauty of this next generation. I can’t wait for the voices in this book to run the world. We’ll be in great hands. Oh, and there’s a GLOSSARY! I wish more books came with glossaries."

    -Baratunde Thurston. Author, How To Be Black. CEO Cultivated Wit. Proud ally.

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  3. Laurel & Diana at our studio approving the final layout of wertheyouth.

    We partnered with frequent collaborator, photographer Laurel Golio, and her journalist partner Diana Scholl, in order to amplify their existing online effort We Are The Youth. We’re helping them determine an innovative and provocative presentation of stories, informed by our experience navigating new media, zine culture and mainstream media formats. 

    The book will be a collection of portraits and stories chronicling  lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth in the United States. The project  addresses the lack of visibility of LGBT young people by providing a space to share stories in an honest and respectful way.

    Since June 2010, We Are the Youth has profiled more than 80 young people across the United States. The profiles have been displayed at the Brooklyn Museum, the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, the Fresh Fruit Festival and the GenderReel Festival, and have been featured in media including The British Journal of Photography, Change.org, Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post.

  4. Studio visit! Yesterday we hung out with mojuicy who illustrated interruptmag's issue 2 awesome cover. Order yours here today!

  5. Working on graphics for the upcoming Art & Abolition camp kickstarter. What it costs to send girls surviving sex slavery to camp. 


  6. "The peculiarity of ‘our place in the world’ isn’t to be confused with anybody else’s. The peculiarity of our problems aren’t to be reduced to subordinate forms of other problems…in these conditions, it will be understood that we cannot delegate anyone to think for us; to do our searching, to make our discoveries; that we cannot accept that anyone at all, be he our best friend, answer for us."
    — Aime Cesaire
  7. Artist Adalky Capellan’s inspiration for The House of Spoof comes from Pico Iyer: “Home is not a place you sleep, it is a place where you stand.”